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Hilton (NYSE: HLT) continues its expansion into Egypt, the first in Egypt in more than 20 years, and today announced the opening of the first Hilton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt. Hilton has signed two management agreements to operate the Heliopolis Hotel and the Towers Luxury Hotel under two different brands. The new facility will connect with the hotel's two other hotels in Cairo: the Hilton Cairo Hotel & Towers, a luxury hotel with a total of 1,500 rooms, and the new Hilton Egypt Hotel, an all-inclusive hotel.

The new hotel will be located in the heart of Cairo's Said port, Egypt's largest port and home to the world's second-largest airport, Ain Shams.

The MEC2020 Magrabi - Egypt Conference, hosted by Mag rabi Hospital in Cairo, will take place at the hotel from 20 to 22 October 2020, and the third round of ITCE IECE will take place in February 2020 in Aswan, Egypt. Selected papers are also published in the International Journal of Economic and Social Sciences in Egypt. The conference is being held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Geneva, Switzerland, and the European Union (EU).

Located on the Ismailia desert road, the hotel is located on a newly designed road network linked to new development projects in East Cairo. Hilton Garden Inn Cairo East enjoys a prime location, making it one of the most popular hotels in the area and connecting it to the city's main tourist attractions, such as Cairo International Airport. Located on the main artery that leads to other districts, including the Central Business District (CBD) and the Old City of Cairo, it is at the intersection of two of Egypt's most important arteries: Aqsa Road and El-Azhar.

Discounted flights to Ras Sudr ensure that those who wish to travel can benefit from guaranteed low-cost and affordable package holidays. Check out our list of the best hotels in Egypt, rated 3.5 / 5.0 on TripAdvisor, and the top 10 hotels for travel to the Middle East and North Africa. We see the most popular Hilton Garden Inn Cairo East hotel in Cairo, ranked 2 / 12 in Egypt and rated 2-out-of-5 by Tripadvisor. Here is our top 12 hotel list for the Cairo Hilton East, 9th out of 10 in Africa and 5th out of 10 in North America, rating 3 - better - 5.1 on tripAdvisors.

Things to do in Ras Sudr, Egypt, can be found in our list of the best hotels for trips to Egypt and North Africa, rated 3.5 / 5.0 on TripAdvisor, and the top 10 hotels in the Middle East and North Africa. Do something in Ras - SudR, Egypt and visit the most popular Hilton Garden Inn Cairo East Hotel in Cairo, which is ranked 2nd out of 10 in Africa and 5th out of 10 in North America.

Aon a map in Ras - Sudr, Egypt, with views of the Nile, the Red Sea and the city of Ras Sudr.

Ras Sedr is an industrial city on the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which connects the Egyptian mainland with the Sinai. Ras Sudr, 10 kilometres further north, is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo, with a population of about 2.5 million people. In Ras - sedr there are two important roads: the Sheikh Zuwaida Road and the Al - Azhar Road, and there is a railway line from the city to the Red Sea and a road across the Nile to Cairo.

East Cairo is home to over 5,000 units and upscale hotel accommodation, including restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels, as well as hotels and restaurants. The hotel offers additional restaurants serving Egyptian, Chinese and Indian cuisine in addition to its standard hotels.

Tucked away at the northern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, you will find peace and paradise in Ras Sudr. Sinaway Lagoon Aquapark Hotel & Spa in Ras Sedr offers a variety of luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as a private beach and a wellness centre. Royal Beach is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea or stay at the Boutique La Hacienda Beach Hotel.

The location of the site is in the heart of Cairo, the new city that will host the Egyptian capital as the headquarters of the president and ministries. The hotel is located in Tahrir Plaza, a recreational and cultural area that consists of a number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and a variety of restaurants. If you visit Sadat, you may find the famous Freedom Square (also called Freedom Square), separated from the famous Nile by Tahir Square, where one of Cairo's main attractions is located, as well as several restaurants and cafés.

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